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Whistler11 @279

Posted by whistlersmother 
Whistler11 @279
May 17, 2010 08:28PM
Bought this little gem (Whistler11 #279) about 15 years ago in CT and have had a blast each and every time we have taken her out on the lake. Have not gone out in a few years as the boat traffic in GA, where we now live, is crazy with the gas guzzlers and party barges. As I have written in the subject section, she is #279 and looking for a year when she was first sold. Anyone have one older? I still use the orignial sails as well as what I believe is the original trailer. Trying to find new sails and a new trailer. Does anyone have the dimensions/measurements of the sails so I can provide the sail maker (National Sails Supply) for an estimate?

Also looking for a diagram for the travel rigging to the boom. Until I found this website this weekend, I had a single block on the traveler running up through the boom but the pixs look like a different configuration. I am using a piece of line from the clew to the end of the boom for my outhaul but the pix look like the main sheet is attached to the clew. Would love to send a picture to an expert for their assistance.

Look forward to hearing from fellow Whistler sailors and thank you for putting this site together.
Re: Whistler11 @279
November 10, 2010 01:49PM
Hello. I have # 392 and have no paper work for the boat. Do you know what year your boat is. The tag on the boat Reads " Anchor Sailboat,
Div. of Molded Fiberglass Body Co. Union City Pa. Class Whistler" . Mine has the wood seats and no hull liner like the newer ones. The cable for the centerboard is broken. Do you have any pictures of how this should be rigged.
Re: Whistler11 @279
March 05, 2011 05:23PM
I have whistler11 #135. Purchased by my parents in 1966 in NJ. I've been sailing it ever since with the original sails.
I've also used it as a tender for my Venture 222. A terrific rig I sometimes use when I'm too lazy the rig it properly is
to put a minifish mast and rig through a stepping hole I drilled in the little foredeck. It really goes with that rig.
I'm currently looking for a rudder/tiller.

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Re: Whistler11 @279
September 11, 2013 12:16AM
I've got a Whistler11 from 1965. Where is the 3 digit number you guys are referring to?

She was in storage for ages which is why I still use the original sails etc.. Beautiful boat.

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