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Design Notes

Trailer Bunks

Copperhead Ad

MFG Sailboats Brochure **

Page from 1969 Brochure

Page from 1970 Brochure

Page from 1971 Brochure

1973 Brochure

1979 Brochure 

Brochure (Date Unknown)
Brochure (Date Unknown)

Spec Sheets

1973 Price List

1973 Receipt

Brochure - Bandit 15 and 17
1968 Price List

Redhead Brochure

1968 Brochure *

Shark Brochure

* (has Fred Schroth at helm of Whistler)
** (has Dick Gibbs on cover and also righting a capsized Sidewinder)
** (additional trivia: the woman standing at the back of the car on page 5 is Rod MacAlpine Downie's wife Kimmi)