Site Contributors

The concept for this site was originally created by Jim Coffman, webmaster of Thank you, Jim, for supporting my efforts to continue what you started..

I wish to sincerely thank Fred Schroth for his contribution of pictures, brochures, specs, history, and most importantly, accuracy. Fred was there when these boats were designed and manufactured. He test drove several of the boats, and can be seen at the helm of some of the formal photos in the brochures.

I wish to thank Gene Haugh for his willingness to always always answer questions and to help other members who own Bandits. 

And I wish to recognize Dr. Peter H. von Keyserling. Peter was one of the original contributors to the site along with Jim. Peter runs a sailing school. They have five Sidewinders and three Copperheads! Like Gene, Peter is someone I can always ask for help when I need it, especially when it comes to Sidewinders and Copperheads.

In addition, the following have contributed information to this website:

Finally, a million thanks to Niko Hofinger for making this site possible. If you like the forum, it his his work that has made that possible.

If I have missed any names, I do sincerely apologize. I always want to give credit where credit is due.

I welcome submissions of any kind. Please contact me for information on how to contribute.