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Centerboard Gaskets...need help

Posted by psaeva 
Centerboard Gaskets...need help
September 05, 2010 03:12AM
Not sure what the gaskets are called that are next to the centerboard, but they will need to be replaced on the boat I just resurrected. Has anyone ever replaced these before, if so, can you give me an idea of where to get them and how to do it.

Re: Centerboard Gaskets...need help
January 12, 2011 07:50PM
I realize that a while has passed since you posted your question, but I was just checking the forum after a period of inactivity and noticed that no reply has been posted. Hopefully you have found a solution for your gasket, but if not, I will offer a suggestion. If you are refering to the "gasket" on the bottom of the hull that prevents water from pushing up the centerboard slot into the boat, it was one of the items on my Sidewinder that I found to be in need of replacement. I found sailing supply stores on the internet that stock custom gaskets as well as lengths of dacron that can be cut to size. But, not willing to pay the price being asked, I stopped by a local sail maker and he offered me a "scrap" of heavy (8 oz?) dacron sailcloth, large enough to make my own (for free). I cut two strips to cover the center board slot and secured them with the original aluminum retainers (1/2"wide X 1/8"thick strips). I don't know how a store bought gasket would be any different and mine has been sailing dozens of times without letting any water through the slot into the boat. The edges of the fabric have begun to ravel a bit, so I'll either seal them with a hot knife or just replace them if they come apart. My job was only made difficult by the fact that a previous owner had used steel screws to fasten the retainers and they were rusted to the point where I had to drill them out, fill the holes with resin putty and drill new pilot holes for new stainless screws. I hope this helps,
Re: Centerboard Gaskets...need help
January 16, 2011 03:19PM
You can get center board gasket material from APS (Annapolis Performance Sailing) Ask them for a catalog as they have alot of one design stuff. They have a very good staff and can help you out.

Re: Centerboard Gaskets...need help
January 19, 2011 01:50PM
Hello..... you can also use part of a wet suit, indoor/outdoor plastic turf grass on the matting, or the old bike inner tube. All I did was attached the tube (sut to length only) under the trim pc., then sliced a slit all the way down the center. This gives you a double affect like a wiper blade. Good luck, but don;t spend a bunch.
Re: Centerboard Gaskets...need help
September 02, 2011 09:19PM
I found that a strip of rubber roofing membrane worked great.
Re: Centerboard Gaskets...need help - can anyone post a photo?
August 31, 2015 04:27AM
Hi all - I have water coming up into the boat from the centerboard housing on my Sidewinder. Where does the gasket go? Can someone post a photo? I was not sure if it would be visible from the top of the boat or if I need to turn it over and look under the hull. We are still working on making our boat totally sailable! thanks, CathyS.
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