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Posted by Free.99 
May 14, 2017 04:51PM
Greetings from upstate Ny, just wanted to share our story and meet other owners as well as gain knowledge from the community. My wife and I were given a neat sporty looking sailboat not long ago. (In my best pirate voice)~ Lo and behold she be a MFG-19 matey! Being born and raised in Miami I'm sure it's only obvious I have been around water and boats all my life. Of course my history is strictly motor boating and sailing was just too slow for me and never really sparked my interest. Until this small beauty was bestowed upon me on cold spring evening. "Lady Ivala." A very dirty neglected mfg 19 sitting nose up snug on her trailer, awaiting me rescue from sure demise. She was now ours..

After cleaning her up as best as I could it's time to get to work. I'm currently painting the interior roof as the headliner was on the floor and glue which hung like old cob webs quivering in the subtle breeze. I am only done with two coats of primer and what a difference already. I plan on flat whiting the interior roof for this summer so we can enjoy her until winter when I will replace with ivory carpeting. All of the padded wood bench cover will be redone in stained mahogany and my wife will stitch all new cushioning. The sails themselves seem to be in pretty good shape except for the genoa. I have heard of the place in pa that refurbishes them for a decent price. I will be utilizing their service very soon. As for now I have to finish painting. Refinish interior wood, tiller/rudder. Install fuse box for lighting and radios. Replace cockpit drain tubes. Build a companionway hatch. And track down papers for her. Any advice on that would help. Looking forward to meeting you all and learning how to sail.... Eric and Ivala.

1979 mfg-19 w opt. galley and Porto-head. [imgur.com]

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Re: MFG-19
May 15, 2017 01:11PM
Welcome! I had a 19 once that was in similar shape. It's a lot of work in the cabin, but it can be restored. Be sure to check that the cockpit drains are clear and that it dtrains out the back. I had to replace my tubes. It was touch reaching back from inside to the stern and I was in constant fear of dropping the nut driver, but I never dropped it.

I have have seat cushions that match that model. They are designed to fit both the cockpit and the interior. They are brand new, made from original patterns. The only problem is that after years of being unable to find someone who was interested in them I decided they were taking up too much space in my garage and I removed the foam insert from most of them. But I kept the covers. The foam insert it about three inches thick.

Send me a private message if interested and we can talk further.

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