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Thoughts on Sidewinder rigging

Posted by JAB 
Thoughts on Sidewinder rigging
October 01, 2014 01:54AM
I purchased a Sidewinder a few years ago and only get out on it a few times a year. I live in NE Ohio which appears to have been a hot spot for Sidewinders back in their day. I've only sailed it at Sunny Lake in Aurora (cat rig) and at LaDue (sloop rig).

I'm not too fond of the rigging. Even less so after a couple of weeks ago, the boom detached from the mast after turning turtle and the sail got caught up in the shroud forming a water balloon. I had to wait until I drifted to shore to get it upright again after hauling down the sail. Note, I sail solo.

I'm going to stop by a local shop that makes sailing hardware to see if they can come up with a gooseneck to hopefully fix this problem and also allow me to install a boom vang because the boom scares me when I'm sailing down wind.

1) Does anyone have a Sidewinder with a boom vang that can offer suggestions on its installation or photographs?
2) I'm also considering an outhaul, so suggestions would be appreciated here as well. APSLTD.com has some good examples posted but I'd like to see them on a Sidewinder.

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