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1st MFG

Posted by Sidewinder1 
1st MFG
September 16, 2013 05:18PM
Good Morning,

Yesterday I brought home my sidewinder, better specs below. Im pretty new to sailing, and im pretty excited about the sidewinder. I learned on a sunfish, and have been told the sidewinder is a lot faster. Plus its bigger and will hold me and my wife. I live in Houston Texas and would eventually like to race in the Wed. night races on clear lake. Ill try and figure out how to post pictures here soon and show it off. I cant wait to get her on the water.

The boat is in remarkable shape (for my new untrained eye). Some very minor, very few hairline cracks in the deck (I don't know if there is gel coat on this boat or not). The bottom looks great too, a hand full of little scuff marks, I'm sure from beaching or trailering. The gasket underneath, looks worn and will probably need replacing. there are, right at the edge of the plates that hold the gasket in, two, very small chips where you can see the fiber glass matting and resin. otherwise great. Sails look dirty from storage, and are still very soft and almost new looking in some places, the numbers and sidewinder symbol look to be new no cracks, very shiny. The boat has little plastic plates where the "port holes" are, I assume those are original. The bailer is square and plastic, just pops down, and right back up. Probably needs a re-sealing on the bottom, but otherwise functions. the drain in the back is a little rubber piece with a brass fitting through it that I believe you can adjust the tightness of it through a small screw on the inside the boat side but ill have to double check. The dagger/center board I don't believe is original, it looks fabricated but has the little plastic bushing that holds it in the slot. Its pretty heavy. Roller furling and Jib pole are intact, functional and in good condition. Stays are in good shape, but don't have a fore stay. Lines look used but in good shape, need to make sure they are correct length tonight.

As far as specifics,

Year: 1972 (according to title)

Hull color: Deck - Yellow

Hull - Grey

Serial Number: 894 (off tag in back of cockpit and title)

Sail Number : 830

Boat came with all the original paperwork from the original owner. I even have some literature (adds) that I would like to scan and have posted, one from 1977, the other is just general. He even had the information on how to sail, rig, maneuver, etc. from the dealer.

Ill have to see if I can figure out how to post pictures, I'm going to pull it out of the garage today and see rig it up to see if I can figure it out. Then get some pictures.

I think I got a very complete, very original boat for a good price.

Matt Kline
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