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Sidewinder Stays

Posted by Wlukhaup 
Sidewinder Stays
June 14, 2013 05:24PM
I just purchased a Sidewinder. It has the equipment for the slop rig however no stays. Do have the fittings. What are the lengths of the stays?
Re: Sidewinder Stays
June 26, 2013 02:04AM
Top and bottom are 24 1/4 inch
Center stay is 30 inch
They are all 5/8 inch wide

Good luck and happy sailing

Re: Sidewinder Stays
July 02, 2013 01:54AM
Thanks. Just ordered a replacement from APS.

I have now sailed it as a catboat. Still need a few more pieces to get the jib rigging complete - disks for the spool on the furler, shrouds, etc. FYI I had a machine shop make replacement fittings for the luff pole as the orginals were broken. Not cheap. The product is much better than the originals as they are machine and not cast.

The mast collar is broken. I've put a 3" fernco fitting around the mast as a temprary fix to provide some cushion for abrasion. Has anyone found a subsitute for the stock mast collar?

The boat was leaking. I fixed the the cracks in the hull. Still leaking - not as much as before.
I filled the boat hull with water to track the leak. My conclusion is that the 5/8 inch baitwell plug from Walmart that I was using in the drain hole in the cockpict is not sealing perfectly because the drain hole in the centerboard trunk is located almost at the bottom of the wall of the cockpit. The plug does not fit flush. On the water that means that water in the cockpit ends up going into the hull. I've got some other plugs on order that seem more like the stock ones. Will see how that works.

Bought the boat and trailer for $250. Took a lot more $$$ and work to get in into the water.

"A boat is a hole in the water into which you throw money."

Re: Sidewinder Stays
July 02, 2013 02:23AM
I made the disks on my jib furler by cutting them out of the top of two 5-gallon plastic pails. The thick plastic was easy to cut with a Dremel and they seem durable so far.
the person I purchased my sidewinder from had to replace his mast collar. He had it machined so hopefully it will last. The collar must be a problem area with this boat.

Re: Sidewinder Stays
July 02, 2013 02:35PM
I'm going to put a new post out to see how others have dealt with the mast collar situation
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