About this site

My name is Paul Heller and I am the webmaster of this site. When I was young, I grew up in a small lake community in northern New Jersey that had a lot of sailboats on it. The lake was small, and the largest boat that could be reasonably sailed on it was about 18 feet long. No powerboats were allowed. The name of the lake was Lake Shawnee.

Every Sunday there was a regatta on the lake, and a wide variety of boats participated. Some guys were there to try to win, and others were there to float around and have fun. But everyone raced.

It all changed when one guy bought a Sidewinder in the early 70s. The thing was fast, and he routinely won. Then two others bought Sidewinders and they usually took three of the top five slots, even with the handicap. The boats must have been made for this lake. By the end of the 70s there were at least seven, if not more, Sidewinders on the lake. They formed a fleet - Fleet #17.

I did not own a Sidewinder. I was too young. But I was a regular crew member for John Brunskill who owned a purple Sidewinder named the "Purple Passion". We traveled to many places and even raced in the Nationals.

In the late 70s I left the lake community to go to college and then moved on in life. I eventually started looking for a Sidewinder and eventually found one. A beauty, in like new condition.

I have researched MFG Boats as best I can and have built up a bit of knowledge which I am happy to share. I hope you enjoy this site.